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Storytelling has been an artery of Sharmeen/Sifar’s practice for the last 18 years. She has used various mediums to communicate her thoughts and styles, with video being her oft-used tool. She puts her camerawork and editing skills towards collaborating with the artistic community in Singapore in hopes of visually presenting lesser-known truths.

eve tan.jpg

Eve Tan

Performance Artist

Eve is an experienced artist and art curator for exhibitions. She has worked extensively within Singapore. She is also set designer and Wardrobe stylist for theatre productions and Singapore films. Eve loves working with children, sketching places that are filled with memories and observing the little things in life.

Chan Ziwei.jpg

Chen Ziwei


Chen’s practice concerns itself with ideas of place making and the everyday. Place making was one of the spatial approaches encountered in her undergraduate studies in Geography. It has since been a source of inspiration that propels her interest in investigating the landscape.

Nicole Phua.jpg

Nicole Phua

Performance Artist

Nicole’s performances confront the often disregarded issue about life, which is death. To her, death and life are polarities of the same energy, complementary to one another. Her work explores the depths within the physical body, engaging into viewers’ thoughts and beliefs. Using her body as a medium, she aims to build a deeper connection between the viewers and herself through movements and senses.

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