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Steeped Strong

Far East Plaza

2019, 29 November to 15 December


Agatha Lee, Dorathy Lye, Deborah Ong, Eve Tan, Fiona Seow, Jennifer Teo, Maisarah Kamal, Sharmeen/ Sifar Nina, Teo Huey Ling, Xiaochang Xin, Ziwei Chen, Amelia Desmond, Illa Haziqin, Isabelle Desjeux, Nicole Phua, Nicolette Teo, Veronyka Lau


Eve Tan and Veronyka Lau

Women artists and all-women art shows around the world have found a new significance buoyed by a wave of female articulations on equality, politics, and climate change. This progress comes at a time when there is ever more uncertainty brought about by economic volatility, global conflicts, and environmental crisis. The exhibition unravels a rich tapestry of contemporary voices of women in art. Through their diverse art forms from painting, sculpture, embroidery, sound, installation, to performance. they engage in issues on identity, domesticity, community, the environment, and human labour with their unique qualities of intuition, humour, craft and play.

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