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Xin Xiaochang

Xin Xiao Chang is keen to further explore paper as a medium to create 3-dimensional sculptures with laser cut/etching technology.

Smiha Kapoor

Smiha Kapoor is an Indian artist currently based in Singapore. Her approach to artmaking explores performative installations.

Teo Huey Ling

Teo Huey Ling's work includes drawings, contemporary sculptures, and art installations. Motivated by materials that involved intricate...

Agatha “Agy” Lee

Agatha “Agy” Lee is a textile artist with a passion for creating textile collages and sculptures inspire by nature.

Jennifer Teo

Singapore Contemporary Installation Art

Veronyka Lau

Veronyka Lau is an English Lit grad, social and animal welfare advocate, martial artist turned artist. Her art searches for the catalytic...

Cynthia Delaney Suwito

Cynthia Delaney Suwito is an installation artist based in Singapore and Indonesia.

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