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Xin Xiaochang

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Xin Xiaochang is an artist whose work is informed by her cross-disciplinary background across art and design. Her artistic output mixes ceramics and other materials in sculptures, installations, and finely crafted media. They have been exhibited in numerous local and international shows, and several are now in private and corporate collections globally.

Xin’s artistic practice engages with humour and play, constantly using Singapore as a context for her works. Notably, she was inducted into the committee of the Sculpture Society (Singapore) in 2014, a role that saw her active participation and organisation of activities and shows, curation of works, and overseas exchanges. She currently heads talent development initiatives at NAFA and lectures while continuing her creative practice.


Strange Tools at the National Library Punggol

Xin Xiaochang continues to question the value of art and craft. With technology, the artist sees it as a tool in sculpture-making but not a replacement for the hands that have the tacit knowledge. She is keen to further explore paper as a medium to create 3-dimensional sculptures with laser cut/etching technology and learning Arduino to create movement with motion sensors.


Blip in Time at Jurong Regional Library

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