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A Blip in Time

An ArtxTech exhibition taking place at the Jurong Regional Library from 1 to 14 April.

Eternal Void

Associate Artist Program "Coming Home 2020" The Substation View Virtual Exhibition Here The eternal void is filled with infinite...

Blackboard Schemes

Associate Artist Program The Substation 10 to 17 December 2020 Amirah Raudhah, Ang Kia Yee, Ziwei Chen, CyberCesspool, Illa Haziqin,...

Unstate of #04 series process

In this post, I am going to focus on the 'Dissection of breath' on the mind map. Breath is part of the air element. The Dissection of...

Drawings from the Sculpture

The drawings come together as a part of the sculpture work. Done with acrylic, pencils, colour pencils. Instagram@hueylingteo...

Wood working with local trees

The wood logs came from local disposed trees. A chainsaw is use to cut to size. It is a noisy, dusty and physical demanding job....

Steeped Strong

First exhibition of Fertile Art Refinery in 2019 at Far East Plaza titled Steeped Strong.


Sharmeen/Sifar Artist Biography

Eve Tan

Eve Tan Artist Biography

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