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Smiha Kapoor

Smiha Kapoor (b. 1997) is an Indian artist and facilitator currently based in Singapore. Her approach to artmaking is performative through which she extends embodied narratives and site explorations into realms of drawing, installation, image-based media and live art. Her interest lies in investigating notions of wholeness and she harnesses art-making in a contemplative and transformative praxis. She has presented works in Singapore, India, Thailand and Germany, and has collaborated with artists like Jimmy Ong to develop performances for National Gallery Singapore and NUS Museum. She graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Art (Hons) from LASALLE College Of The Arts and was the recipient of the Winston Oh Travelogue Awards 2021. She is a member of The Artists Village since 2023.


Strange Tools at Punggol Regional Library

Smiha Kapoor’s interest lies in investigating notions of the non-dual and often employs tracing as a conceptual strategy to weave connections across various planes of presumed separations. Exploring technology opens up possibilities for tracing and looping worlds into each other. She is interested in exploring the performative body and its intersection with mechanical and digital technology and how one medium can transform through its interventions.

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