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Eternal Void

Associate Artist Program

"Coming Home 2020"

The Substation

Xin Xiao Chiang, Fitting Happiness I
The eternal void is filled with infinite possibilities - Laozi

The lockdown reconstituted our public spaces. Even the housing void decks for our loud celebrations. small business transactions, political rallies. Zumba classes, clandestine affairs, our quiet corners for mourning — these community areas that carry populous social constitutions became inaccessible. But just as we reluctantly surrendered these spaces, now we saunter back cautiously.

Fertile Art Refinery presents Eternal Void, a virtual art exhibition at the Substation's Associate Artist Showcase titled Coming Home. The FAR Collective reclaims our emptied decks as barricade tapes peel away. The artworks occupy a rearranged blueprint of the public space as they become seats for social interactions once again.

FAR is a celebration of women-centric organisation in the Singapore art scene. The collective supports art shows and projects that extend a long and wide reach of women's voices in the Singapore art. Participating artists: Agatha Lee. Eve Tan. Dorathy Lye. Eunice Lacaste, Isabelle Desjeux, Jennifer Teo, Nicole Phua, Teo Huey Ling, Veronyka Lau. Xin Xiao Chang, Ziwei Chen, Deborah Ong and Sharmeen/Sifar

Eve Tan, Trashy Queen

The Substation's Associate Artist Programme (AAP) is a year-long programme where artists and collectives are invited to engage in a process-driven development of existing or new works. This year's selection is based on artists who engage in collaborative and collective practices, with many of them being active organisers and key members in their community.

The showcase, which will take the form of a virtual exhibition, offers snapshots of the ideas and projects that our associate artists are exploring or developing at present. Their work and methodologies highlight the different approaches to artistic practice. Featuring: Artist Caravan (AC), Ayer Ayer Project, AWKNDAFFR, BRACK, Chu Hao Pei, Farhan Idris, Fertile Art Refinery (FAR), Lai Yu Tong, Lee Sze-Chin, Shaiful Risan, Straits Records, Stephanie Chan.

Agatha Lee, Finding Space

Coming Home marks the beginning of The Substation's 2020/21 programme season and invites everyone whose lives have been touched by The Substation to ‘come home'. It offers a sneak-peek into The Substation’s upcoming programming initiatives for the year: interdisciplinary performances by veteran artists in their own fields; exploration of alternative arts practices by a cohort of artists and the return of the film programme.

Originally intended as a physical 3-day weekend festival, the precautionary measures put in place due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic required all arts centres to remain closed. Nonetheless, The Substation believes that the arts have the power to give hope, comfort and provide perspective in these uncertain times. Together with our artists and collaborators, we pressed on and challenged ourselves to find alternative ways to engage our audience and create meaningfully.

Nicole Phua

first you don't know

now you can't say

5 sec excerpt from a digital video performance

5 min 40 sec

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